TruStem Cell Therapy™ Once Again Awarded Top Stem Cell Therapy Center in U.S. for 2019

LAKE FOREST, IL — This week, TruStem Cell Therapy™ was, once again, recognized as the Best Stem Cell Treatment Facility in the US for 2019 by Global Health and Pharma Magazine.  This is the 2nd year in a row TruStem Cell Therapy has been recognized for the work it has done in the field of stem cell therapy on behalf of patients dealing with life-changing degenerative neurological and auto-immune conditions.  These awards are designed to help consumers compare stem cell treatment centers, evaluate consumer/patient experience and ultimately decide on a treatment center that has the best chance of helping them fight their disease.  “We strongly believe these awards directly reflect our commitment to our patients in both quality of care and patient satisfaction.  We place strong emphasis on patient safety and satisfaction,” said Dr. John Rachel – Chief Surgeon with TruStem Cell Therapy.

Following up from last year’s success, the 2019 Global Health and Pharma Awards once again work to recognize and spotlight the key players and companies within this ever-evolving and ground-breaking industry, and will create a true representation of the very best that the industry has to offer.  These awards are putting the spotlight on the most game-changing advances and revolutionary developments in the biotech and alternative medicine industry.

TruStem Cell Therapy strongly believes that stem cell therapy is and will be providing the most game-changing advances and revolutionary developments in the medical industry for the foreseeable future.  Biotechnology such as stem cell therapy is increasingly being seen as the front line of medical science, research and development.  As this movement continues to gain momentum, we are proud to play a role to develop the safest and most advanced adult stem cell therapy for patients with neurological and auto-immune related conditions.

TruStem Cell Therapy™ is known for providing patients from all over the world with access to the most innovative and safe research-based adult stem cell therapy in the U.S.  Patients diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and other conditions can receive stem cell therapy along with world-class clinical expertise, patient-centered care, leading edge technology, and innovation.  To learn more about stem cell therapy and becoming a patient, contact TruStem Cell Therapy by phone at (888) 503-3711 or email

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