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Specialists in charge of your care

Board Certified Physicians

TruStem Cell Therapy always provides access to stem cell therapy by multiple Board Certified Physicians. Each physician completes their own part of the stem cell treatment process for which they specialize. This ensures the physicians with the most experience focuses on their specialty to help ensure a safe and effective treatment.

Unparalleled Expertise

PhD Neuroscientist on Staff​

One of the biggest advantages of TruStem Cell Therapy is the expertise of our on-­staff PhD Neuroscientist. By doing so, we are providing access to stem cell therapy by a true cell scientist capable of employing the latest research into each step of your treatment protocol. This provides patients with a level of safety and efficacy they cannot receive elsewhere.

Safety and Efficacy

Evidence­-based treatment and cell processing

Research-based or evidence­-based medicine is an approach to medical practice intended to optimize decision-making by emphasizing the use of evidence from well designed and conducted research. Each aspect of your stem cell treatment has been analyzed and designed around the latest stem cell clinical research studies where both safety and efficacy have been shown. This includes the harvesting of tissue, the processing of your cells and the administration of your stem cells back into your body.

Treatment where patients need it most

Targeted Therapies

TruStem Cell Therapy provides patients with access to stem cell therapy utilizing the latest, most advanced targeted administration methods. By delivering more stem cells to the area of the body in need we believe treatment can more effectively address disease related complications when compared to simply administering systemically through an IV.

Unique patients, unique needs

Custom Tailored Treatment Plans

Just because two patients have the same diagnosis, does not mean they have the same complications. Each patient’s stem cell treatment through TruStem Cell Therapy will be custom tailored around their disease related complications to help address or improve each.

Specialists you can trust

Certified Lab Technicians

TruStem Cell Therapy utilizes only certified lab technicians skilled in the latest laboratory safety, equipment and processing techniques. In order to provide patients with access to the absolute best adult stem cell therapy, patients need a laboratory they can completely rely upon.

Committed to quality care

Accredited Surgical Center

When receiving stem cell therapy through TruStem Cell, patients can rest assured they are in a center committed to quality and the highest levels of patient safety. While the surgical portion of the treatment is minimally invasive, we still believe in an overindulgence of safety for patients.

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