For patients with MS, adult stem cell therapy could likely be the key to improving quality of life.

Lake Forest, IL – TruStem Cell Therapy is taking Adult Stem Cell Therapy to a new level by providing patients access to a state-of-the-art Chicagoland stem cell facility specializing in neurological and auto-immune conditions like Multiple Sclerosis.  TruStem Cell Therapy understands that with new treatment options, comes new hope for the millions of patients dealing with MS worldwide today.

While there is not a cure for Multiple Sclerosis, adult stem cell therapy does have the potential to not only slow down the progression of the disease but also reduce its symptoms.  MS patients deal with a variety of symptoms such as fatigue, bladder control, mobility, weakness, vision problems, pain, and more.  By targeting and delivering stem cells to areas of inflammation and nerve cell degeneration, these stem cell treatments have the potential to significantly improve a patient’s quality of life through significant symptom reduction.

Receiving Multiple Sclerosis stem cell therapy through TruStem Cell Therapy™ ensures patients will have access to:

Board Certified Physicians

PhD Neuroscientist designed and approved laboratory protocols

Fully certified laboratory technicians and clinical nursing staff

Cutting-edge, targeted administration methods

Minimally-invasive, research-based treatment protocols

Patient-Centric care

Full staff support throughout entire treatment and follow-up monitoring

TruStem Cell Therapy™ is known for providing patients from all over the world with access to the most innovative and safest research-based adult stem cell therapy in the U.S.  Patients diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis and other conditions can receive stem cell therapy along with world-class clinical expertise, patient-centered care, leading edge technology, and innovation.  To learn more about stem cell therapy and becoming a patient, contact TruStem Cell Therapy by phone at (888)503-3711 or email

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